Monday, March 06, 2006

Connect the dots

There were little purple flowers on my car today evening. The slight drizzle with a little help from the wind had torn them away from their home of the past few days. It looked beautiful. There is a street lamp right behind the tree. If you look at it with polarizing sun glasses (such as the really good ones I recently purchased) the light from the street lamp combined with the flowers remaining in the tree, have quite a magically purplish effect. The sun glasses also prevent the rain from getting into your eyes.

We all should charge a cover for people who want to enter our hearts and/or minds. Friends, lovers, one-night-stands everyone of them should pay. Not a lot, but still enough to make them think twice before leaving before they get their money's worth !

My favorite part of most movies is the part in the end, just before or even during the credits, when you get to know what the characters you just watched for the past few hours do with the rest of their lives. Somehow I don't feel satisfied with just the three odd hours of watching them. I want to know it all. I want it all.

The man on my back was acting up again last evening. A quick call to a person well established in my comfort zone helped take care of that double quick. Followed by aunt's yummy dinner.

Oh, and the previous post was just an excuse to not have to write about all them individual incidents one by one. Too many things to write about. So won't even try :)