Monday, August 29, 2005

Ah, Ernakulam Junction

Yes. Thats where I will be for the rest of the week. Pardying up with them boys who say office.

I think I've lost count of the how many-eth friend this one is, who has fallen in marriage (as in fall in love). All the same, much fun, booze and boat rides await.

Endha mOle !

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ah, Madras

Hotel Saravana Bhavan The Hindu Loads of really, really cool people Creamy Inn in Anna Nagar Kaapi Hilarious auto drivers Bike and Barrel Damn nice people who I can stay with Proper TamBram weddings in Mylapore Big, fat murukkus The Amethyst and a truckload of memories

are a few of the reasons I absotively, posolutely love Madras.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Wanna bite ?

When I wrote the previous post, I was really speaking metaphorically. I meant that about life in general. Not specifically about speeding bulldozers or lorries. I guess my left leg didn't quite realize that, as it tried to accelerate turning left, from the left side of a lorry which was also turning left. Luckily, I ended up with a barely visible set of scratches, thanks to a lorry's really large set of tires. The insurance claim for the previous mishap hasn't come through yet. I don't even think they would have processed another, simultaneous-to-the-last-one claim from me.

Now, onto driving issues that are other people's fault. Myself and Mr. Raj were driving towards The Forum one fine evening and as always on that road (whose name I can't quite remember) at the point where the divider ends, there were idiots crammed onto the wrong side of the road. There was this one particular auto that was almost completely on my side. I eased into the side, lowered the window and yelled at the guy - fuckface, I believe is what I said. I've been told that my 'angry traffic glare' is quite scary, but apparently it was too dark that night and all I got was a blank look. But I did get a reaction out of his passenger - a petite woman shrouded in a mysterious stole. She looked positively frightened. So in case you were in an auto on Wednesday evening, and while at a signal some shady looking guy in a Scarlet Rage Getz, came really close, lowered his window and screamed 'Fuckface', you need look no further for the character in question - and yours truly is sorry to have given you that scare.

The lesson I learnt there was that I need to come up with something that Kannada speaking auto wallahs will understand. Mr. Raj, for those who know him well, has a rather significant tendency to abuse the term 'bite me'. As we walked back to the car from Firangi Paani, after a nice evening with rather excellent company, I enquired what the Kannada translation of that would be. Pat came the reply -

Namge Bite Maadi.

And there ladies and gentlemen, you have the quintessential retort, worthy of a classy upbringing, localized for the current geographic. Useful against auto wallahs and other vermin detailed elsewhere.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Never do that. NEVER ! Choices taken are choices taken. Its like overtaking a bulldozer, travelling at speeds no bulldozer should be travelling at on Airport Road (or anywhere else for that matter), from the left - you don't stop along side the bulldozer and think about the choice you made, about if what you are doing is 'right'.

You shift into second gear, and floor it.

PS: This was a comment I posted elsewhere. Just thought I could reuse and try to save my dying stat count.

Right, now then, where are we all going to be?

Under threat of an excruciating and painful session watching Bunty aur Bubli from Mandar, the Boss of the Bangalore Bloggers, I said, Yes Boss, to his request demand that I put up a post on my blog. Please to say whatitis and be coming to see us all see Madarn do a perfect imitation of Mandy Moore.

Date: 15th August, 2005

Time: 5 PM

Venue: Sweet Chariot, #378, 8th Block, Koramangala

(Sorry Mandy for all the potshots. You know we louse you. Really. All louse only.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Paychecks, assholes, life, marriage and recursion

  • I have worked where I work for year now. And till date, I haven't received a single paycheck that I didn't have to take back to HR and find out what the heck their calculations were. Every. Single. Time. This time, they decided I have two kids I'm paying tuition fees for and deserve tax deductions for.
  • Isn't it amazing how people who are so civil and well mannered at work become such assholes on the road ? The same guy at work who said 'excuse me' as he passed between me and a colleague I was talking to, showed me the finger as he cut me off in traffic. I shall trip him next time and he will fall all over the stained carpet.
  • I've realized that its the people with limited challenges in life (by this I mean those rich, talented, good looking, rich, extremely cool family, rich - all through no fault of their own - people) that go out and create challenges for themselves - jujitsu, trekking, obviously tough relationships, theatre etc. I have enough challenges that life throws at me - multiple projects at work, higher management who seem to think the world of ones capabilities, extremely variances in bank accounts, friends, parents etc. - without going out and looking for more. Hence, I shall not feel bad about leading a 'incomplete life'.
  • A colleague of mine is getting married very soon. A proper TamBram arranged marriage. Though I have hardly ever seen two people more in love. Dinners with friends, breakfasts at five star hotels with ex-bosses, the works. He gels really well with her friends. I was never very good at that, I could never get along very well with Her friends. Given time, that might have changed... but... Anyways, I can't say I'm not jealous of him, coz I am, in a way. I envy the fact that he was so easily... for lack of a better word, satisfied. It was very simple - their parents met, they met and four days later, they were set to get married. Somehow, I don't think life has something quite that simple planned for me. Not that I'm the one to shy away from a challenge, but still.
  • I have sent out 72 official emails today. And I notice that as I type, if I make a mistake, I tend to delete all the way back to the point of the mistake and retype everything after that again. Like now, I woudl delete all the way back to woudl and retype would delete all the way back to would and retype.
  • Recursion rocks.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Signs of a good life

You can always pick them out. From the millions of little moments in your life. You can always pick out the ones that brought the house of cards tumbling down. That one gust of wind that blew away what you had hoped was permanently stuck. That one conversation that opened up a whole new world. The one that got away. Life right now, seems to be a icky, gooey mess of such moments. And strangely, I have a feeling I'm not alone in thinking that way.

There is so much color tagged onto each of those moments. A bright blue for summers love. A napalm yellow for caustic retorts leading to days of unspeak. A blah brown for that state you slip into, when you realize there really isn't anything more to be done. A dazzling purple for that brilliant idea at the desperate clutch situation. A vivid pink for that taste of lipstick that just won't go away. Its all a rainbow now, colors mating with colors, making new baby colors that I've never seen before. Little baby moments in time.

Work has been pretty hectic of late, too many meetings and reviews. Mid-year crisis management. Brilliant ideas worth million dollar budgets but no time to take a closer look. The usual some say. Yes, the usual I guess.

Somehow my favorite color these days is a grid of sky blue and Blogger orange.