Wednesday, February 04, 2004

So there I was, thinking that this semester would be a nice enriching experience, as opposed to the gut wrenching, painfully mind numbing and self confidence destroying previous ones. Boy, was I wrong. Please excuse the following rant.

Hasn't this man heard of meta information ? Layered architecture is just that, layered. That doesn't mean a huge ass switch case statement main(). That means a layer higher than this should be making that decision. And where is the documentation that decided this is the way they are going to do this ? Non existent. Not a single readme or anything. Just close to 1500 files with around an average of 1000 lines of code each. It's frustrating and the software architect in me cringes looking at the horrible architectural mismatch all over the place. Components with agents, passing event via ports and interfaces ? C'mon, really now.

That feels so much better. Who says blogs are not cathartic. Maybe this person. I am a bit curious about how Google is planning on handling said PageRank killing thingies.

For the sports fan in me, this weekend was a such a ride. India hands games over, uncharacteristically, looking at recent history. Apparently so does Safin. I have this illogical hatred of Roger Federer ever since he beat Sampras at Wimbledon. I know that makes no sense, given that he is really really good, but I still don't like him. I guess it is apparent that I was and will always be a big Sampras fan.

Talking about people who give up and die, this is probably the best example of just the opposite. I don't consider myself enough of a fan of American football to even venture an opinion, but if I were to say anything it would be - yes, this was the best Superbowl ever. All the way.

Should moisturizing cream be applied gently or with vigorous scrubbing ? I mean, at the end should there be a thin white filmy coating over applied area of skin or nothing ? Why do people do things like this, allowing others to make such good quality fun of said incident ? Why am I always late getting up, cursing myself for sleeping too long, only to wake up and spend the entire morning reading random blogs and feeds ? What should I get my valentine for well, Valentine's Day ?

Such is the nature of questions that probe the mind of today's graduate student. As he listens to the absolutely marvelous, Norah Jones.[To the person who is supposed to take the hint now, please do so !]. You can download an excellent sampling of the fine lady's music from there too.

Nice long post. I was just wondering, I get most of my daily dose of what's happening out there from some blog or the other. Aren't most websites becoming just that - blogs of some nature or the other. The more I think about it, the more the difference between an actual website of yore and a weblog - isn't much. What say ?