Saturday, January 24, 2004

Well, I'm back.

I'm not sure where I should begin. The overwhelming sense of anticipation on the flight home. The sense of going back to some place that you should have always been at to begin with and stay at for good. Nothing on the horrendous flight made any difference to how I was feeling. Grumpy air-hostesses, people sitting next to me stealing my vegetarian meals and me having to pick at lamb lasagna, unscheduled stopovers at two extra places adding two more sets of take offs and landings. None of these things mattered. There was just one objective, just one goal, one thing that was of the most importance. And boy was it worth the wait. Family and friends and the love of my life. It was wonderful. And mind you, Im not saying that just because of the food, which to my starved on Subway existence, was better than I ever remembered.

I don't know if my peers felt this way, but it's funny how grown up people think you are after a prolonged abscense. Or maybe I have "grown up". I don't think so. But the attitude of my parents and family to my presence back home, was... well, different. It was nice having people listen to what you say, to have your brother actually look up to you and all that. For those who are wondering I went through engineering from home and was considered quite a useless lump of flesh. So for me its a refreshing change. It was, well as I said, nice.

Bangalore is still awesome. From the first time I went there, way back in '85, it has always been my favorite. For no particular reason. For all sorts reasons. I had a great time. There were lots of things to talk about with her. Things are moving so fast, so many conflicting emotions. But there is one constant throughout all this, something that will always be there. I love her. That's it. That's all I ever need to know.

More later, work and software security beckons.