Saturday, October 18, 2003

This was written a while ago... Wednesday actually... Ive been busy having as much fun as I can since then... so its not as bad as it sounds. Misty smokey settings... flashbacky music...

So there. As of 3 seconds ago, 4 now, 5... BAH ! Its been 36+ hours since I slept !!! I can't believe how much work there was to actually get done. It was freaking insane ! I had midterms, project deadlines, interviews and annoying people who wanted to drink. Even though the last one is my favorite so far, it is also the one with the most detrimental effects. As some people who had a midterm yesterday found out, drinking with some one how had just FINISHED their exams, is not a good idea.

Im in class right now, and the professor keeps pronouncing 'unknown' like 'un-know-en'. Its freaking hilarious !

Do you think people lie on their blogs ? For the life of me, Im lucky if I can churn out one blog worthy event per week. Some others on the other hand, have some really really nice, bloggish things that happen to them. I guess that is once again because of the lifestyle I lead right now. What is that you ask ? I would reply by correcting what I just said, its not lifestyle, its a life. Thats it. I think this applies to most of the people who study/work with me. We work. We eat. We sleep. And we work again. Thats it. Im not kidding. The last party I went to was in Minneapolis, in freaking summer ! Its cold outside right now ! That ought to tell you enough.

Coming down to reality, as a friend recently replied to this rant in her of-late-severly-caustic style, "Don't blame the world if you guys don't know how to have fun." Alright, Ms.Smarty-Party-Panties. We all suck and we know it. Im ready to accept that right now.

This is the thing. I have no problem working my arse off right now. I had my fun in undergrad back home. It was a lot of fun and very little work actually. Things are exactly reversed right now, I guess thats the case with most grad students over here.....

.... Coming out of flashback mode. Just got back from the a pretty decent party. Well, it wasnt the usual crowd, and hence it was pretty good. Nice people, nice dancing and great music. Dammit ! Why aren't more people like that around here ! I feel kinda bad after a good party like that, knowing that something like that is not possible with the people I usually hang out with. Anyways... nothing much to complain about. I will just have to find out where I am comfortable and get my fill there. Will do !


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