Saturday, October 25, 2003

One immutable truth I have learned in my life is that music is soul food. The very best kind. Carnatic music, even better.

As someone once said, Life has it's little bonuses. Today was Diwali. Today was also UPitt homecoming. And as luck would have it, I saw one awesome firework show. A pretty neat bonus in my opinion.

Thanks to all the reviews, the good, the bad and the ugly, I ended up seeing Kill Bill today. I should say, it entertaining. I didn't appreciate the extreme gore, and a couple of the ladies in the audience left after the first hour. It was a good night's worth though. Especially when it is followed up with a night at a good bar, with good friends and gratuitous alcohol. The perfect Friday night. Violence, friends and alcohol. Woot !

Its back to work tomorrow. Early. Need to get some significant work done towards my numerous projects. Funny thing today, I was scheduled to meet this guy from Microsoft Research. That in itself, isn't an easy task. The deal was that the schedule of people meeting him before me and after me, read like a whos who of computing genius at CMU. But he was nice, he realized the way I felt and listened patiently to my naive thoughts on formal analysis of semantics within distributed concurrent-write systems. And gave me useful comments. Nice. After a couple of meetings over the last few days, ironically all of the people being related to Microsoft, I have come to realize what people have been telling me so far was ... well far from the truth. Formal methods are cool and computational reflection, even cooler. If they can get CLR witting a embedded device, and equip it with reflective architectures, to enable some form of software component evolution... hey, I'm sold.

Creed rocks. Especially after 4 Kamikazee shots, 2 Long Island Iced Teas, good amounts of Yuenglings. Especially.


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