Sunday, October 05, 2003

It has been a while ! The amount of work that thas befallen this grad student, has been equalled only by the sheer glory of the previous weekend. Contrary to the popular saying, work has NOT been fun, if I had a chance to do it again, I definitely would NOT. I want this to end, want this pain and suffering and low pay to end. Why can't the machines take over already and put us grad students out of our misery ?

As all things go, there is a lot of fun involved in all this stuff too. Worked my arse off for a nice fun weekend at... well ... Sept 28th... any guesses ! Yup ! Indianapolis ! Woot !! It was freaking awesome ! It was the realisation of a life long dream ( all 5 years since I've been following Formula One atleast ). It was a dream to be at Indy, everything else was just the icing on the cake. Let me walk you guys through a most magical weekend...

It all begins with a 6 hour drive early Saturday morning. An hour out of Pittsburgh, my dear friend, the imbecile who bought the tickets for the Grand Prix online, realised the tickets were still in his office. How cliched is that ? I wouldn't have believed anyone else had they said the same thing happened to them, but hey, it did. And we took the next exit and were on our way back. One of us decided to call the Motor Speedway... the nice helpful lady there told that we can come over and claim our ticket! So we saved about an out off the trip. Isn't this too stupid to be true ?

Anyways, so we land up there, too late to watch qualifiers on Saturday. One of my friends had interned for AT&T over summer... and as you know... AT&T is a sponsor for Ford, who own Jaguar Racing. And guess which bunch of rabid F1 fans got a chance to go to the Jaguar pit and actually be around and get this... T-O-U-C-H the car ! And if you don't believe me... the pics are here. When I saw that car, when I realised the true import of where I was, and what I was seeing... I tell you.. it is unnerving to see a grown man at a loss for words, at the sight of a car. A 900 bhp, 18000 rpm monster no doubt. It stil is just a car. Or is it ? To me, its the culmination of everything that enginnering stands for, the ultimate combination of man and machine, balanced, powerful, masterful and insanely gorgeous. Wow !

Anyways, after that, we crashed at a friends' friend's place. Sunday, up bright and early, at around 5am, go ready and went to the track. We were hoping our friends at Jaguar would allow us another pit pass, but no such luck. We had to live with just watching a F1 race ! ;)

The race itself was awesome, Ferrari was there and kicking it. The minute it started raining, all of knew what was going to happen - Monotya, Kimi and everyone else was going to suck it up and Schumi was gonna kick it in style ! And he did ! At a point during the race, when Schumi pulled a slipstream and I tell ya, it was a personal moment of zen. I saw that car zip by at 200mph, and I saw why Michael Schumacher is the best.

At the end of the race, I was hoping against hope that neither Kimi nor Montoya wouldn't finish within range of any points, so I could see history being made in my presence ! It would have truly been an experience of a lifetime to be able to see Championship Number 6 ! In person ! No matter, we shall all see the moment of triumph at Suzuka, in a week.

That was my weekend. And thanks to that, it took me a weeks work to find time to blog about something that happend a week ago ! Sigh !!!

Later people...

Update: Will post my answers soon... later tonite even... maybe...


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