Monday, September 15, 2003

This little draft feature that Blogger just added is proving to be pretty useful. I have notes now, on what to blog about !

Let me start off by recounting what a great week I've had so far ! And mind you, its only Monday night now. Saturday night, at around 1am, my office PC died on me. It took me a couple of hours to fix it up, thank to the totally awesome implementation of roaming profiles that people have set up around here. I had classes over the weekend, really neat classes btw, all about hacking and tools and such coolness, and I open up my laptop in class and wham ! Grub - coded by the minds of one of the most contorted idividuals I should imagine - stared at me from my laptop. I said " What do you want ? Give me WinXP", it said, your master boot record is phucked, and I canna do nutin bout it. Great, just great ! And in the end, even though I put up a good fight, dug greedily into Grub documentation and man pages, I was unable to recover my partition table. Hence, all the work, all that knowledge that was accumulated over summer, is gone ! All those pictures.. everything destroyed ! And all because IBM's auto-recovery feature didn't work.

Anyways, onto more merry things. Why is the pocket book sized version of the Kamasutra popular ? For that quick hint in the middle of things, when you have your legs knotted around the other's neck ? Whats the point ?

I'm realising the true worth of a good personal management system - to manage time, resources - everything. I have 3 different calendar apps, and dare I say it, Outlook does the best job of integrating my mail, meetings and to-do-lists. Its pretty neat, esp. if 2003. Nice !

I've made a few decisions about this blog. I started blogging a couple of months ago, due to a decent degree of free time on my hands. That is no longer the case. I will blog, but I suspect that if I extract the work blog from this, there will no reason to update the non-work one. One blog to bring them all, and in the dark dampness of my bomb-shelter-like apartment, bind them.

I shall get back to my state machines and freaking 9 papers per week class !


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