Friday, September 05, 2003

Instant Gratifaction. That what I got today.. it was instant. I finished up my first 3 hour class... and the students actually liked it. They like the problems, they like the way I was presenting them and they liked the teacher ! Woohhooo ! Im living one of the first ambitions of my life... to teach people. I hav always loved to teach people stuff... usually in the form of unwarranted advice. This time its better. I think they actually like it. Pretty nice feeling huh !

Other than that, had a pretty hectic week. Dept. begininng-of-the-sem party season was in full swing this week, lots of booze and lots of parties. It will all die out (actually it already has) soon. As the sem picks up speed. Till then , let the Banana-flavored-rum flow like whatever it that is supposed to flow a lot.

People around me are reaching drastic levels of self-induced pain. Spending hours and hours on taking courses just because they are in one of the best places in the world to take them, and not because they are interested in em. Trying to convince me to take some course because the instructor is the best in the business. If my interests align with that, I will. Otherwise, you ca all go to bloody heck !

I seem to have lost touch with way too many people in my life. I was trying to remember some people, when I was flipping through some old photo CD, but I couldnt remember a lot of their names. I was like... oh oh... not good for the networking-conscious person that I am ! Yeah, and plus they are friends ! Hehehehe..... I should get back to work, need to go and talk to an annoying secretary now... but these little things in life bother me not. Dicking around with Java class loaders... now that makes my piss my pants.


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