Sunday, August 10, 2003

You know how people always come up with something nice and funnily sarcastic, when they realise that someone else thought of something that they wish they had ?!?! Well, har|sh might get married. But seriously, that is a really nice writeup of all things bloggy, of all things he fears his blog will become. Its really not that bad though. Congratulations on the wedding though.

Now, onto my rant. When you are in a relationship, its great to have mutual friends. They kinda bind all the good times together, and bring in that constant kinda feeling. All fine and good. Happy happy times. Now, onto friends that aren't common. Especially, friends that each person in the relationship has opinions about.Usually unflattering opinions. Well, what do you do about that ? Its not like you actually hate the people, just that you would rather not be around them. This is further augmented by the fact that, they feel the same way around you. Should you feel guilty about it ? Try to redeem the situation ? Chuck it, saying each person can have their own bunch. Well, just letting it be might not a great idea. What happens is, well, it comes to a point where both people get severely critical of everybody in the other persons life. And as your years on this planet would have taught you, that leads to a whole lotta friction. I haven't hit upon a solution, just sweep it under the carpet and move on. Life, huh !

Yesterday night, after clawing at the walls due to sheer boredom, I started calling up people. First call, one of my female friends. She was like, whos coming, get more people, I don't want to be the only girl. Alright, next, called up some guys. They were ok with going but they wanted some lady friends. Called up another gal, she was like, I don't want be the only gal. Final try, last gal - nope... busy with something else. So following up the chain, you can see that I spent the night at home, reading. Saturday night woo0000t !!


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