Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Wow... I didn't know classes would take this heavy a toll this early in the semster. I can only await in mortal fear as to what the rest of the semester holds.

I think I've finally managed to settle my courses. There is still one more that I am eyeing, don't know if I can get into that one yet. Have to wait it out for a while, act like I'm not interested, so as to distract the crowd... and then shimmy off to that class ! Muhuhahahah !!!!

I've been working on probelm sets for the class I'm TAing. Came up with a nice question based on one of my favorites classical problems in calculus, the Brachistochrone Problem. Its a really nice little proof and the idea is really really cool. Atleast I think so ! So am gonna be bothering some poor unsuspecting students with this very soon !

Things on campus are fine... one of my really good friends is in a relationship now, and as usual, the whole bunch of us feel that she isn't giving us as much of her time as she used to, before the relationship. I guess its understandable, heck, I used to do it a lot ! So I shouldn't be the one to complain ! But still, me and her, we are really close, and I got one phone call after coming back ! I think an abscence of three months demands a bit more than one phone call ! She usually busy with either work or with him, so I don't feel like distrubing em a lot by calling or anything ! Both of em are really really good friends of mine, so please, readers, don't think I'm bitching about em. I know they have gained a lot, but I can't help feeling a tiny pinprick of loss.

Today was a really hectic day and since its still the first week of classes, everyone is attending everything, sampling classes and all that. I went to all sorts of em today, golf, squash and a philosphy major class called Rational Choice. It turned out to be a damp squib, coz it was totally contrary to its philosophical standing and was all mathematical and stuff. Game theory and rationalisation and that kinda stuff. No sir, definitely not my cuppa joe.

Have an assignment that I need to complete and have some papers to read for my meeting with my advisor day after. Shall go do just that... after dinner. Yumm ! Subway !!


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