Thursday, August 14, 2003

I'm just feeling terribly lazy today. I kinda had the last day at work today, group lunches, pats on the back, please apply for full time hints all over. Yeah, if only they really meant it ! I've had a great time here, great summer, good work, better fun. My manager was being all chummy and stuff... till I told him how I messed up and ran the project over by almost 20 hours !! Hehehe... he didn't like that too much, guess why I left it for the last day ? I have to go to the office tomorrow and some of next week, but that is just more of some knowledge transfer, reports, paperwork and cleaning up the mess that is my workplace.

Work begins, I have stuff to do already. Time to brace myself for another semester at grad school, courses, projects, meetings, TAing, job hunting, interviews... Can I please have another summer ? Please ?!?!?


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