Sunday, August 31, 2003

I was in a car, driving back home today with a couple of friends. Bored and tired, just staring out the window. Looking at cars passing us by. Looking at the faces of the people driving them. Have you ever looked at people driving by you ? Ever looked at them looking at you ? Its an pretty wierd feeling.. eerie and stuff. Most of em are in conversation, some of em are humming songs or something like that. Others have a look of ... I don't know how to describe it. We saw this one guy, who I was sure was going to kill someone... not bad driving or anything, he had that look on his face. Demented was the word that jumped to mind ! All sorts to make the world huh....

Anyways, we all went rafting yesterday. It was great fun ! The only part that wasn't fun was the part when our boat capsized and we were all in the chilly water ! I don't know how to swim and my worst fear is drowning ! So... it was pretty rough then ! We all got back on the raft and pulled ourselves together and got going. After that we were a dynamic efficient paddling machine ! We took on all the rapids after that head on ! And came out swimmingly well !! Woohoo !! It was great fun ! My arms hurt like hell, we rafted for almost 8 miles ... which was almost 5 hours ! It was intense... but man was it fun !! Pigged out at Olive Garden and got back home and slept for some 10 hours !!!

One of my roomates has close family nearby and lives a parasitic life, feeding off them most of the time. I guess Im just jealous that I don't have relatives that care that much or take this much effort to make you feel comfortable. They are really really nice people and have fed most of us, his friends, a lot of times ! Todays dinner for example !

I have to go and finish some work for the day, haven't accomplised much. Lots of stuff to do tomorrow. Get some furniture for the new apartment... its bare... and sleeping on a bad sleeping bag for more than a week is a bad idea. Especially with smelly shoes in the same room. I think I will hide them in my roomies room today... *evil grin*.


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