Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I started blogging about something, scratched it out half way. I'm sure I have some form of attention deficiency.

Im blank right now. You know, totally blank. I have nothing to say. Not nothing as in, I have something to say, but just am not able to say it. Or as in not beign able to put it into words. Or maybe not being able to get it out from the synaptic recesses of my stomach. Its just blank. You know, the kinda blank that settles upon you when you really really have to finish work. Right now. Immediately. Pronto. That Blank. But its not like I have to do this now. I can do it later, blog later. I can do something else now. Something that can be done irrespective of the fact that I'm blank. Like watch TV. Read someone elses blog. You know, there are some really good blogs out there. People blog about everything. Whatever comes to mind. Things as crazy as what my cat did today and others such as, what my cat didn't do today. I digress. Where was I, Ah yes, I was blank.

Now, blank is not a feeling. Its a state of mind right, its just blank. The actual meta-physical explaination of being blank is something that eludes me at the moment. That's probably because I'm blank right now. Thats loopy, like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. See, I never understood that. What is harder than a rock ? Steel ? Well, whats a big block of steel doing next to a rock ? Steel isn't natural, so how did it get there ? Or is the rock taking in the sights in a downtown metropolis ? And how did you manage to get there in between two, natural-when-take-alone-aneurism-causing-when -found-together objects ? Granted, it might not be steel. That's a possibility. Alright but we still have the little problem of you getting there in the first place... it's not like the rock and the hard stuff, whatever that might be, grew out of the ground as you were standing there. Once again, I find that I digress. Where was I, ahh, blank.

Being blank is a whole lot like chillin. Like a villian. Who came up with that ?!?! I first heard my friend say it, and when I read it somewhere else, I thought he had invented it and now, the whole thing was famous and hes gonna get rich. Did he coin it ? How do you find out these things ? You cant just Google it, so how do you know who came up with that phrase ? Any phrase for that matter, even a phrase like ... well ... "I'm blank".


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