Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I had a haircut today. There is something original coming up here, hold on.

People who work in places that cut hair (I forget what they are called) should know how to speak ENGLISH ! I understand that this country is a true melting pot of cultures, that its diversity is what makes it what it is. But when you tell the old lady, holding a 500 horsepower lawnmower near your head, that you want something left on it after shes done, and she goes "Yessa, haira niceaa", you know what needs to be done.

They need TOEFL and TSE qualification.

I mean honestly, why the hell do we have to take it, but people who are capable of cutting your jugular open don't ? Even overlooking the physical hazzards of sitting there, what about bad haircuts ? My head looks like its been run over by a bushwhacker operated by Freddie. And the old lady couldn't stop telling me how nice my hair was. Let me tell you, my hair feels like a badly maintained carpet. Sad. I was like, Lady, please. Spare me. The worst was when I left the place and her perfect-english-speaking daughter says, Come back soon. Not if you gave me lapdance sugar, not if.

On a lighter note, I'm watching Last Comic Standing. It was a good show and being a sucker for standup... I can't help it. Who will win ??! The agony... the expectation...

I wanted to talk about something else, but I forgot. I'll get back to this if I remember.. duh....


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