Monday, August 11, 2003

All of us have been severely annoyed with out parents at some point in our lives. I believe its safe to assume its because of something that they wouldn't let us do. It used to frustrate me, make me feel like a prisoner. Something happened today to a fellow blogger that made me think about that. And the conclusion I've reached is this. My kids are not stepping out of my house, alone, till they are 18 years old. Period.

Why this drastic move ? Look around you. There is so much putrid filth and crap out there, its amazing we can still function as a sentient species. I don't believe half the stuff I read about in the news. People have started getting away with having child porn on their computers, saying the virus did it. F*** you, you filthy SOB ! That is disgusting ! That ain't even the beginning. Even recently, a friend of mine was complaining about all the shit she has to put up with on the street ! I don't want my daughter to go thru all that ! I don't want my son to be the number one customer of Drugs'r'us. Hell no. Hence the lock up. Keep em at home, where all is safe... and they have no contact with the outside world. But wait... that ain't right either....

My parents and grand-parents did a great job raising me. Rather, I believe they did. I owe my entire system of values, my beliefs and my sense of judging right from wrong, entirely to them. All I can hope to do is, well... do the same for my kids and my society. I think that's all anyone can hope for. Set a good example, let em go and hope to God you did your job right.

Mom, Dad, thatha and patti, you did a fine job. Thank you !


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