Thursday, July 24, 2003

Yesterday, me and a friend went to watch the awesomely talented Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English. Even though this movie isn't one of this best, this man is truly one of the best comics of our time. I'm talking not only about the comic genius that created Mr. Bean, but also all the other stuff... the standup, the whole Black Adder series...totally hilarious stuff.

Anyways coming out of the movie, we saw hundreds of people with those wierd folding chairs lounging about the place. After a quick Q&A session with the nearest official looking person, we found out that it was the Torch Light parade in downtown. I didn't have my camera on me, which was a great pity, coz the parade was really nice. Nice parade music, colorful costumes, princess, queens and all....

The whole of today has been a serious mental block kinda deal... couldn't do any seroius work. Spent most of the day cataloguing my mp3s, getting all the tags right and all that. I find it really tough to get the genre right ! Whats the difference between Pop, Pop-Funk , Pop-Folk.... and what in God's name is Porn Groove !!?!?! Do porno flicks come with OSTs ? Either way, spent a long time at websites with lyrics coz I didn't know what the album name is ... stuff like that.

You know what would be a nice winamp/wmp plugin ? There should be someway to set my equalizer setting based on what genre the tag on the mp3 has. That way you wouldn't have to change presets when running through your favorite playlist. Is there something that does that already ? If not, there should be !


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