Sunday, July 27, 2003

Why do we insist that we aren't drunk when we are ? I mean, if we weren't drunk, our reply to the question "Are you drunk ?" would be something creative, something that says a lot about our character, our inner self. Ask a drunk person the same thing, out comes the excuse, the reason he/she claims to be NOT drunk. "I only had a few" to "If you can get drunk on orange juice and a dash or vodka..." to "Who are you ? And why are you wearing my cat ?"... that sorta thing. The last one is a true gem.

One of my friends left me a voice mail yesterday, he was hammered, and the entire voice mail was the conversation he was having with another friend of his.

Him: Lets go get a beer...
His friend: Naw, its too late...
Him: Lets go get a pitcher...
His Friend: Okie...
Him: [hears a police siren] HIDE !!!
Him: [later, after sounds of scuffling] Hello ? [click]

And that was the last I heard of him.

Amidst the latest batch of fresh off the boaters, came an excellent lady, total pardy animal, true confidant of moi. And true to character, the very night she landed in the City of Angels, she got tipsy. Welcome to America dearie. Heres wishing her the best in the year or two to come. Expect many more righteous stories about the madam in these columns in the months to come.

Damn.. I need a power source... this laptop's battery sucks.... I have some serious form of Attention Deficiency. I can't concentrate on anything these days... does not bode well for the 2 million papers that I have to read.

I hate it when friends complain that I don't keep in touch, but when I call, they are all busy and say they will call me back. And never do. I'm not saying that I take offense at that, I realise that all of us lead busy lives. What gets to me is when they are like.. Oh Mr. Busy, can't find time to call... dammit ! Especially relatives. I hate having to call my relatives because of my mom's constant nagging. I personally don't get upset when my uncles don't call me once a month. And I expect that they would feel the same way. These people have been in the US all of my life, and what about all the 21 years I didn't call them every month ? Huh ? Why not ? Sheesh...

Let me go call, otherwise mommy will have some choice words for her first born. On a last note, does anyone know how to "stop" talking to relatives without having to lie ? I have even resorted to calling my cell phone from my roomates... How do you end a conversation with them without it sounding rude ? "I have to go now - get back to work". "My phone card is running out of time, and I am a poor grad student, spare me !" . Wrong answer !!


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