Monday, July 28, 2003

Well, two projects and two reviews on a Monday. There must be a law somewhere that prevents people from having this much work to do on a Monday. A nice relaxing weekend, and BAM ! It hits you like a huge freaking avalanche !

This blog is turning out to be more of a what I did today kinda thing, rather than what Im feeling and what Im thinking about. I guess a big reason is that I suck when it comes to telling anyone how I feel. Or whats running through my mind at any given point of time. Unlike the other gifted individuals whose blogs I frequent, I really start to ramble when I try to digitize what Im feeling. Much like now.

I was part of a survey once... you know the type, the million questions will-determine-your-deepest-darkest-secrets kinda deal. Anyways, I shouldn't make too much fun of the thing, because the results of the survey were pretty true to fact. My perfect job description was one based in health care. Im a comptuer enginner now. Talk about letting your instincts guide you. One other thing the survey claimed was that I was totally dependent on social interactions. Friends, parties that sorta thing. I agree with that. I need to talk to people. Its not like I will freak out if I don't in a whole day or something, but it will slowly start eating into me... get all moody and stuff. I guess thats another reason this blog is a good idea. Im not only talking, Im SHOUTING !! wooo00t !!

Is that why the world blogs ? An expression of self ? The novelists and self made Rushidies need not apply !! ;) Im boring, just say so... boo hoo hoooo...


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