Saturday, July 26, 2003

Well, just got off the phone with my best bud, whos back in India right now. Just talking about all the good times back in college... all the fun we had... just the sorta thing you really shouldn't be talking about on a fine Saturday morning. Why you ask ? Coz its depressing ! I miss home ! I was fine in the morning, spoke to her for a while... all happy and stuff. Then our man here, tells me about all the stuff hes been upto... and the funniest part is, he is like... Im not having fun at all ! Withouth any of you guys around, there isn't much todo ! Either way he is in Chennai, and I am here, working. How I wish I could go back... a nice summer vacation.... wake up in the morning to granny's coffee... the Hindu in hand... sit on the porch, do that little flick with the newspaper... and then breakfast... a nice hot dosa (something that isn't like mine at all !)... and then laze around... lunch... hit Qwickys in the evening... man.... those we the days huh ! Im sure most people would agree... wo0t !!

Either way, I better find something to do today. Get out of the apartment and DO SOMETHING ! I'm all charged up... ready to rumble ! Lets go people !!

I miss home, but, hey... home is where the fun is ! woohoo !!


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