Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Saw Pirates today. It was a total blast ! Total summer blockbuster all over ! Johnny Depp was, true to all the reviews, brilliant in the movie. And Keira is so damn gorgeous in the movie ! woo0t !!!

I used to have a diary actually. Some thing similar. The summer of '96, of my 10th grade, was one of the best. All the stories you hear, all the coming-of-age type stories (not that it was then... but in a similar vein !), all the fun a gang can possibly have. Most of the friends I had during that period left at the end of summer, but for those 3 months, it was great ! It also helped that I spent a lot of time in Bangalore (Note : I LOVE BANGALORE !!!). Plus, the results of the 10th grade exams were totally kewl... placed first in the city of Chennai ! wooohooo !! I still remember my school principal calling me up at home... I was like.. whatever it is.... I didn't do it ! And she used the oldest opener in the book... "Sit Down" Me: " I am" She: "Then stand up and sit down again !". Totally awesome.... It was also first love time... the fun we guys had ! Good times... and it was like you know... totally without a care in the world... that was also the year that great ice cream place near my house opened... I tell ya, we ate soooooo much ice cream ... we actually went thru every item on the menu... I'm not kidding ! It was like a summer right out of The Wonder Years ! (One of my favorite shows of all time btw...).

Nothing lasts forever and neither did that summer. All the people left, things changed, lives changed. We buried a time capsule in the backyard of one my friends' house. She's no longer living there, but come July 31st 2016, the people who do live there... will find some 30 something year olds digging in their backyard. Hope the house still stands.. coz otherwise.. we will have some difficulty figuring out where to dig ... plus if the house is gone, Im sure the construction crew is off with the capsule anyways. What was in it you ask ? Nothing much, a menu from the ice cream place, lots of photos, little trinkets, an audio cassette us all of us singing and talking... stuff. Stuff that meant a lot to us. I know I will be there. Shovel and all. Will they ? Thing is, we have all lost touch with each other, but imagine how amazing it would be if we all did get together in 20-freaking-16 !!!

Heres to good times of old and the many summers more to come. It will be tough to beat that one though.

And the reason this whole rant started was because of the dairy. I might do that, scan em in and post em as an entry. Hmmm....


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