Monday, July 14, 2003

Mondays. Enough has been said about Mondays and work. More has been said about gloomy, overcast, rainy Mondays and work. Enuf said.

The weekend was un-eventful. Totally. Un-blog-worthy. I saw Pulp Fiction again.

I've always wondered what its like to create something. Programming aside, truly create something. A poem. A painting. A song. Wouldn't it feel swell !! Something you can leave to posterity, something you can call your own. Inspiration time !!!

I finally ordered my camera today. It should come in tomorrow. Click Click !

I'm watching one of my favorite movies of all time.. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Absolutely hilarious. All the way. Especially the end, when Michael Caine takes a second, then says "G'day mate !". That has to be one of the best endings ever. The best being this of course.

The emails are flooding in from a new batch of students, crossing the Atlantic to the Land of the not-so-free-yet-underpaid grad student. I can't believe its been a year ! Time flies when you're working your ass off....

This was on /. today. Totally awesome !! Definitely work checking out !!!

G'day mate....


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