Monday, July 21, 2003

I almost got hit by a car today !! This dumbass was driving this fatass SUV, and comes up at a signal. It was my green and I'm crossing the street and this guy screeches to a halt an INCH away from me !! The dumbass was on his cellphone and was reading something !! What the hell you doing reading and on the phone driving a car that can mow me down !?!!

Other than that, had a totally nice day ! For people who don't know me, I'm as lazy as you can possibly get. I hate to do anything... especially work !! But I have to admit, there is no other feeling quite as satisfying as a job well done ! Atleast thats what my manager thought !! wo0t !!!

I sent my brother some DVDs today... I paid the same price to send em as I did to buy the things ! Next time, he ain't getting the boxes !

A friend of mine saw the pics I had put up in the last post, and she was like.. what the heck.. why are there no people in it ?! I thought these pics were nice.. but she doesn't think so ! She sent me some pics she took... and well.. there was a person she knew or was with, in every picture ! Well.. to each his own I guess !!!

I love all these "Best of" shows on TV, esp on VH1. Right now, its Greatest pop culture icons. I really don't agree with the number one entry, but I guess once you get up there in the top 20s even, it really doesn't make sense to keep track anymore !! Top 20 or Number one... its a totally nice roundup !!


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