Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Cooking is all about color. That's the only way I get it right. If its not the right color, its not right. Especially indian cuisine. Its totally color-coded. Just the right mix of red, bordering on orange. And dinner right about now, looks just perfect ! Yummmm !!!

I need a change in design, I just wanted to make sure that I can stick to this blogging thing before I put in the time to change the design and layout. I guess I can do that now. I have a few layouts in mind, should play with them this weekend. A nice clean XHTML layout is what this blog needs.

Talking to someone online can be quite a cathartic experience. Especially if its an anonymous chat. I've been on IRC since the HyperTerminal days on VSNL. Been through a bevy of personnae, all the sorts, all the actions. Then the chat rooms and then came the big one.. ICQ. Did ICQ make a hit or what ?! Everyone and thier grannies was on ICQ. I think ICQ revolutionised communication in a way. IM blew up bigger than anything else, meet someone in a chat room, catch em on ICQ and chat all night. Phone bills skyrocketed, but hey ! I had friends in every continent ! Even my mom got onto the bandwagon, she got in touch with some of her old penpals in the US and France. When I think about it, I can't imagine what college would have been like without all that. I met most of the people I knew in college, other than the people I used to go to college with, were people I met online. It was fun, it was exciting and it was something I felt really comfortable doing.

And now this. I guess its a form of chat, a form of IM, but much more liberating and constraining at the same time. Its a great feeling and Im happy I started this. Happy Happy !!!! BTW, do you guys think I ramble too much ? Well, whoever reads this anyway... I think I do, I digress and I ramble... hope its all coherent at some view....


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