Tuesday, July 15, 2003

After a tough Tuesday at work, what better way to chill out than a movie and some awesome ice cream. If you are in Minneapolis, you really should check this place out, great ice cream. It smelt kinda nice too !!!

Saw LXG today. Its a typical summer action flick... keep your brains at home people !!! But it was good fun... after hours at computational reflection, mindless, pre-digital, comic book action is just what the doctor ordered !

After starting this blog, all of 2 days ago... I've started going through the day looking at things and wondering if it should be on the blog. Most things can be, with a bit of work... but I'm too lazy to do that. I'm just sitting here thinking about what to write. I can't wait for my camera to get here. I saw the wierdest signboard in Uptown today... wishing I had a camera on me !

Aren't there way too many reality shows on TV these days ?? This ones takes the cake for the funniest name !!! I guess they couldn't have named it anything else... but hey... this is just plain funny !

Another big pardy coming up this weekend, anyone reading know any recipies for some good drinks ?

Bon Jovi is playing in Minneapolis today... huge lines and screaming people... and I'm at home... but hey... I did have some ice cream....


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